Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Mulholland Dr." the mystery is the mystery

TITLE: "Mulholland Dr."
DIRECTOR: David Lynch
STARS: Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, Justin Theroux
EDITOR: Mary Sweeney
AWARDS: Best Director (Nomination, Oscar)
BOX OFFICE: $20,112,339 (Worldwide)
RUN TIME: 147 min.

"Mulholland Dr." is a tense, mystery/thriller, that revolves around an amnesiac woman, a young wannabe actress, and an established auteur. How do their lives intersect, and who are they really? The answers lie somewhere on Mulholland.

This film is largely considered not only one of David Lynch's finest hours, but also one of the best movies of the century, so far. The film started filming as a television pilot in 1999, but after production was halted, a french studio gave the film an extra $7 million to finish the story. Lynch continued to write the story, and "tied up the loose ends."

The move is widely regarded for its confusing storyline. In typical Lynch fashion, a normal narrative structure is abandoned for a more obstructed view of this very existential story. In the third act, the confusing relationship between the two female leads changes dichotomy entirely, and subtle clues are left to the viewer to be constructed as they wish.

The director has refused to comment on the story, rather leaving it to the viewer to interpret the mystery themselves. This has lead to many critics and popular culture theorists having completely different opinions on what happened in the film, and what it means. The generally accepted theory is that the mystery of the film, is the film itself. While it is in itself a mysterious, neo-noir story, the point of the film is for the viewer to find out what it means on their own.

This was nothing short of an amazing film. Could everyone get through it? Perhaps not, but most cinephiles should at least try. It is beautiful, and any David Lynch fan will recognize his style immediately. Sharp Dutch angles, a skewed profile of society, intermixed dreams and reality, this film has it all. It balances it's strange points perfectly.

The fact that it is hard to solve the mystery is so engrossing throughout the film. This writer was on the edge of their seat for the entire experience. Both female leads gave career altering performances. This anti-love letter to Hollywood is both hopeful and disheartening, safe and scary, enjoyable and deplorable. This is one of the most unique cinematic experiences one can have. Watch this movie as soon as possible.

MY IMDb RATING:  8 out of 10

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